Ready-made objects, epoxy

The belongings of a departed person seem to me to be somehow different. They are strongly associated with those who no longer exist. Such things are most likely to never be used ever again if their value is not commercial but personal. They become detached from reality and seem to be in a better world, like their owners. There is a feeling as if an invisible border separates them from real world. According to superstition, things contain a part of the soul of the owner, so lovers often exchanged items dear to their hearts. It also worked the other way: in witchcraft personal belongings were used to hurt a certain person. So if the objects that surround a person throughout his life are actually Horcruxes of the human soul, why do they often turn out to be unnecessary for descendants? And others, on the contrary, carefully store memories of beloved ones, thereby endowing ordinary objects with a sacred meaning? The project “In memoriam” is a research of preserving the memory of generations and the succession of material objects that may seem absolutely insignificant without the history of their life cycle.

160 x 120 x 6 cm
179 x 135,5 x 8 cm
183,5 x 122 x 8,5 cm