Performance documentation:

The Service Agreement – printed paper, one of participants’ diary-handwritten notes.

photos of the whole process on the infrared camera-plastic printed photos.


In my opinion coexistence has got some sort of inevitability, and absence of choice. It is something each participant has to do. The crucial factors of the process are absence of confrontation, mutual cooperation and seeking compromises.

I consider co-existence to be a part of people’s communication. It comes naturally that’s why we don’t always pay attention to details and understand why something goes wrong.

In my work I create controlled conditions to explore this issue. While examining the process from the very beginning I would like to pay attention to problem zones. I presume that such careful observation of the natural process of communication will make it more conscious.

I think that such communication skills as compromising and yet setting the personal boundaries could be useful experience for me as an artist and as a personality.